Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heather's Deviled Eggs

The Mission:
Learn how to make my sister's recipe for deviled eggs. She has never written it down, and I'm not very good with making things up. Heck - I'd never even made hard boiled eggs before, so this was going to be a big first for me! Because things got crazy over the weekend, I ended up not really helping her, but just listened to her instructions while she made them. All of the ingredients are approximate. She usually makes it to taste and appearance, so feel free to adjust everything to your own personal taste!

The Ingredients:
  • 12 hard boiled eggs
  • 6 Tbsp mayo
  • 9 tsp dijon mustard
  • 6 tsp worchestire sauce
  • paprika for sprinkling
The Instructions:
First you need to hard boil all of the eggs. I handled this completely on my own. I pricked the top of the raw eggs and set them in a medium saucepan. I then poured enough water in the pan to completely cover the eggs. I brought that to a full, rolling boil for 10 minutes. I then placed the eggs in a separate bowl and doused them with cold water so they would be cold and ready for Heather when she got to my house. The first thing she did was peel the shell off each egg, then slice each egg in half (lenthwise) and scooped the yolk out into a medium mixing bowl. She then added in the mayo, mustard and worchestire sauce to the yolks by sight, giving me approximate measurements so I could write them down for future use. She mixed all the ingredients together until smooth, filled the hollow eggs, sprinkled with paprika, and served! It seemed very easy.

The Results:
They looked good. They tasted good. People ate them. I'd say that they turned out really well. Of course, I can't take any credit for them at all. I just boiled the eggs. That was it. I'm excited to try them on my own sometime, though.

The Reviews:
Other than my family, people said they were good but "different." Apparently my sister's recipe for deviled eggs isn't the standard or typical. Who knew! I wasn't serving them to people who were huge fans of deviled eggs anyway, so the reviews weren't rave, but I thought they tasted yummy :) Thanks, Heather!!

1 comment:

Heather said...

I knew they were non-standard deviled eggs. I think most people just use mayo and mustard and paprika for color. I actually like to add extra paprika to mine too sometimes (about a dash per egg in the filling mix).
My version has a bit more "zip" or "tang" to it than the standard recipe. That's the way I like them. 8-) And to be perfectly fair this started from our mother teaching me to make them. She added the Worcestershire, I changed it to Dejion mustard.