Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Dinner - The Menu

The Mission:
I decided that I was going to host dinner at my house for Easter this year. I've never hosted a big holiday dinner in my own home before. I'm usually in charge of most of the cooking, but mainly at my parent's house or another relative. So this was a first for me! I think the hardest part was actually coming up with the menu.

The Appetizers:

Deviled Eggs

Ranch Dip with fresh veggies

Muenster Bread

Raspberry Baked Brie with crackers

The Main Course:

Glazed Ham

Cheesey Green Bean Casserole

Healthy Green Bean Casserole


Corn Niblets

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

The Desserts:

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Mom's Chocolate Sauce

Vanilla Ice Cream

The Result:
Due to some cancellations, an un-expected trip to Columbia, and a birthday party not everything on the menu was made. I had planned on making as much as I could on Saturday so I wouldn't have much to do on Sunday.... well that didn't work out!

My husband and I were adopting another greyhound, and the one we picked up Friday night decided that it really, really, really wanted to eat our cat, so we took him back and picked up another. So all of Saturday was spent with Mark driving to and from Columbia. So much for cooking and cleaning! ha. Saturday night was my husband's birthday party, so doing anything then was a lost cause. Oh well. Dinner still turned out fantastic on Sunday even though it felt rushed.

The Reviews:
Everyone had very nice things to say about how dinner turned out. I had some wonderful help in the kitchen as well - Mom and Step-mom-in-law, Blake, helped cut veggies for the veggie tray and my fabulous sister made deviled eggs! It was wonderful to have my In-laws and my parents together again. We all had a really good time catching up. And my amazing step-mom-in-law helped wash dishes!!!! I don't have a dishwasher, so everything - absolutely everything - must be done by hand. And by the time dinner was over I just wanted to cry when I thought about washing more dishes. But Blake pitched right in and washed, while my Mom dried. Aren't they fabulous?!?

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