Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bridal Shower Punch

The Mission:

Make "Bridal Shower Punch" using the recipe that my sister found. It's the same punch that she made for my Bridal Shower in 2007. It's supremely tasty. I added sliced limes (recipe called for lemons or oranges, but I thought limes would look cooler) to give it some color other than pink.

The Ingredients:

  • 8 cups of prepared sweetened pink lemonade (I used the frozen concentrate kind and mixed with water as directed)
  • 4 cups of carbonated lemon-lime beverage (Sprite, etc.)
  • 2 quarts raspberry sherbet
  • lemon or orange slices (to garnish)

The Instructions:

Using a round ice cream scoop or large cookie scooper, scoop out HALF of the sherbet into balls. Place them on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once they're frozen, you can remove from sheet and place them in a ziplock baggie to save on storage space. By freezing the balls in advance, it will slow the melting process. I froze the balls over night. In a large glass punch bowl, mix the prepared lemonade and the lemon-lime pop. (Make sure that both are VERY cold, since that will slow the melting of the sherbet). Add in the remaining half of the raspberry sherbet and stir well until mixture is frothy. Add the small scoops of frozen sherbet and the lemon/orange/lime slices (if using) and serve immediately.

The Results:

The punch turned out fantastic! Since I was pressed for time, I failed to get pictures of the punch until it was ready to serve. Oh well. Freezing the sherbet balls ahead of time turned out really well. The only problem was that I kept wanting to eat them instead of saving them for the punch. Next time I'll have to buy a separate quart of sherbet just for me ;)

The Reviews:

The ladies at the shower enjoyed the punch. My sister was thrilled with it (it was a special request from her) and there were absolutely no leftovers. I swear I thought my Mom was going to lick the punch bowl! Though it's impractical to make this punch very often, I'm going to have to come up with an excuse to make it again soon.

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Jessica Lindsay said...

I was wondering if you could use any flavor of surbert for this recipe and still taste good.
I bought Lemon Raspberry Orange shuburt.