Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost Romantic - London Broil

Last night's dinner was a tried and true staple. And since I served it at the table instead of plunking it down in front of the TV, it almost felt like a romantic dinner.

The menu:
*London Broil
*Rice from a box (Chicken & Broccoli flavor by Knorr's)
*Green Beans (canned for the husband, frozen for me)

What I found interesting was the conversation the husband and I had over dinner. Apparently he'd never had London Broil before he married me. I was baffled and astonished. I grew up eating London Broil. It was a popular menu item for my family and I learned how to make it when I was 10. It's quick to make, and doesn't involve many ingredients.

London Broil: Marinate top round steak in Italian dressing for 2-3 days. Broil in the oven 6" away from heat source for 7-8 minutes. Flip meat. Broil for another 6-7 minutes. Meat is done when it has reached an internal temperature of 130. Slice thinly and serve.

Simple. Easy. Tasty.


LoraBB said...

I've never had it either, but might have to just add it to the list now!

Heather said...

Having grown up with this as well (funny how that happens to siblings) I can attest to how good London Broil is. On an amusing note, grocery stores will often sell something that is supposed to be a "London Broil" cut of meat. This does not exist. It's a preparation method, not a cut. But the supposed "London Broil" does usually work quite well for making London Broil. 8-D